Wavelab 7 + Slate Digital crash issue

I face a lot of WL7 crash, i did some experiments using the plugins I use, and the result was that “Slate Digital” is the cause for the crash, to reproduce the crash, you need to do the following:

1- Insert “Slate Digital” in the master section (In wave, montage or batch)
2- Render the file
3- Remove “slate digital” from mater section
4- Click anywhere in windows other than WL7

you can also close WL7 directly in step 3 and you will get the same errors

I tried every possible combination of steps to prevent that, reorder plugins, reload same plugins, reset plugins, use of another audio driver, always get the same crash

This same issue used to happen earlier with the combination “WL6 + Ozone”, but is was solved with WL7.

What do the Slate Digital guys say?

didn’t really ask them, cause this issue was brought here first, I will and post the reply

Any Idea why is this happening, I am interested to know the reason, even if there is no cure for this issue.

If you have “Slate Digital FG-X” in mind , I’ve tried your scenario - NO crash here!


yes, I am using Slate Digital FG-X 1.1.2 + WL7

strange, so where can the problem be?


PC or Mac version of SD FG-X 1.1.2 ?

regards S-EH

PC, windows 7 32

I get the problem when I render a file in Wavelab 6 and 7 and I cannot alter the controls on the FG-X.

I am not sure if this is your problem though.

It’s the same problem, but for changing the controls when locked in WL7, try to click on the preset Icon on the top right, not the one with the plugins, but the preset icon of the plugin page related to wavelab, the brown file cabinet icon, this will refresh the plugin and make the controls adjustable again,

I just could not find a way to reset wavelab internal audio path, which i guess it would cure the crashing issue.

Reset in Active Audio Montage found in menu
Options > Audio Montage preferences > Active Audio Montage tab

Refresh Audio Device found in menu
Options > Audio Streaming Settings…

Reset in Master Section
will unload all plugins in Master Section and turn Gain level to 0 dB
blue left turn circle icon

other than this don’t know

regards S-EH

I just got an answer from Slate Digital saying:
We are workign on an update to FG-X that should address issues with Wavelab. Hopefully the update will be out soon.

I don’t know if I may post a link, but if not, I believe the moderator can delete it

so I guess we’re waiting for the update

I’m guessing SD are finalizing the integration of iLOK 2 with FG-X. I’m still using iLOK 1 with FG-X at present - so, it’s looking like I’ll have to pay for a new iLOK when the patch is released. No big deal, I know, and will probably prompt me into getting their VCC too.