Wavelab 7 + Waves 9 crashes

Hi guys!

I’m having a big trouble with Waves 9x plugins under Wavelab 7.

The issue can be reproduced as follows:

  • I’ve loaded a plugin in the master section rack of Wavelab 7 (say a Q10).
  • I’ve decided to remove this plugin to load a different one on the same slot, (say a C6).
  • I’ve loaded the plugin, and all of a sudden Wavelab 7 crashes.

Can I apply some fixes to solve this? I would appreciate it very much any ideas, it’s quite disturbing, and makes impossible to work with confidence.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards.

Following option might help:

Hi PG, I’ve just see your post now.

I finally upgraded to Wavelab 8, and I also made an update of my Waves plugins, and this has worked for me :slight_smile: .

Thanks for supporting!

Kind regards.