wavelab 7 wont split files in montage mode

For some reason Wavelab wont allow me to split a file in montage mode. I have 12 files in the cd. I need to split one file into two so that I can create a fade out and fade in (a reprise of the song). When I use the S key, nothing happens. When I use the scissors, nothing happens. If I go to ANOTHER file in the SAME montage, it splits with no problem.

This is the third time I’ve had this issue since I’ve been using Wavelab 7.
An suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

No idea why you have that problem (unless the clip is locked). But to get around it you could clone the clip and then move the start of one copy and the end of the other to finish up with two clips containing the sections you want.


Thanks. I will definitely try that. The file is not locked. But I’m hoping there’s a fix. You know when u have your times and spaces perfect, you don’t wanna mess that up by moving and cloning and all that.

Actually, cloning isn’t necessary. Copy the clip and paste it into the next track; you can quickly slide it to be in exact alignment with the original, then you can move the ends to produce the two clips you want without losing your original positioning; finally shift the new clip back into place on the first track, holding shift to prevent movement in time. Can all be done in just a few seconds, though knowing why the cut fails would be better, I agree!


Thanks a lot for the advice. Although I’ve been using wavelab for over 15 years, I am not very well versed in using the software as a multitrack mastering program. It starts to confuse me. I usually just do the former in ProTools. A little off topic, are there any video tutorials on multitrack mastering with Wavelab?
Thanks again.