wavelab 7

hello. I am new to the Steinberg industry. trying to decide what product to buy. I have spent a lot of money on daw’s that I didn’t like and now I am stuck with it. when I found out you can download trial versions I was very happy about that. anyway I downloaded wavelab 8 trial version. due to my job I only used it for 15 days. it has expired. it was ok. I heard good things about wavelab 7 but I cant nor I can figure out how to download trial version. I looked on the website for about an hour and all I see for wavelab is wavelab 8 trial and no wavelab 7 trial.

That’s because WL7 is the older version, succeeded by the current version, WL8. BTW, there is nothing in v7 that v8 doesn’t also have, and most is improved.