Wavelab 8.0.3 and Magneto II

I have Cubase 7.5 and Wavelab 8.
Cubase 7.5 includes Magneto II and is shown in plug-in group “distortion” in Cubase.
How can I add Magneto II as a plug-in in Wavelab?


I don’t think this is possible, because Magneto II appears to be in the “Cubase plug-in Set.vst3” and not in a separate file.

Tnx for the answer.
The fact that Magneto II is a part of “Cubase plug-in Set.vst3” was pretty much as far as I got in the research myself.

I hope Steinberg would consider a solution incl. in a update of WL8. It’s a shame not beeing able to use Magneto II…

How can we let them know?


There’s no “feature request” section in the forum for WaveLab, but PG (the developer) monitors these posts so I’m sure it has already been noted!

I, too, would like to have Magneto II in WaveLab as an option.

A light touch of tape saturation can benefit some mixes.

yes, please add Magneto II to Wavelab 8 update - I just spent 4 hours trying to fix something that cannot be fixed…

I hope we will get a response soon.

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