WaveLab 8.0.4 Produktpflege-Update verfügbar

Liebe Foren-Mitglieder,

Steinberg hat ein kostenfreies, finales Produktpflege-Update für die WaveLab 8.0 and Elements 8.0
Produktlinien veröffentlicht. Das 8.0.4 Update behebt Probleme in Bereichen wie Plug-Ins und Marker.
Detailliertere Informationen entnehmen Sie bitte der VersionHistory auf der Download Seite.

WaveLab 8.0.4 und WaveLab Elements 8.0.4 können neben der VersionHistory hier heruntergeladen werden:
Download WaveLab 8.0.4
Download WaveLab Elements 8.0.4

Fixes and improvements


  • • The Batch Conversion function has been reintegrated in the Audio File workspace of WaveLab Elements 8.



  • • Rendering certain VST 3 effects used within the Master Section now works as expected.
    • Opening the RND Portico plug-ins without activated license no longer renders the program unstable.


  • • Converting one marker type into another now works as expected.
    • Marker positions are now created correctly when markers are created via the “Create Marker” dialog.

CD-related functionality

  • • Japanese characters are now displayed correctly in the song list (when imported from an audio CD).
    • Burning a basic audio CD no longer fails in case certain CD-creation options have been activated.


  • • Decoding is now possible for audio files with embedded MP3 file.
    • A metering-window focus issue when using WaveLab with two screens has been resolved.
    • WaveLab now displays a “No connection” information in case FreeDB is not available.

Mehr Informationen finden Sie in der WaveLab VersionHistory.

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