Wavelab 8.5.2 Yosemite Crashing on Sample Rate Change

Having a very consistent and very frustrating crash issue where Wavelab 8.5.2 running in the latest version of Yosemite will crash out when playing back a file after I’ve converted it’s sample rate and bit depth.

For example: I convert a 24 bit 48 kHz file to 16 bit 44.1 and then hit the space bar to go play the new file and BAM! Crash. Every single time. I have tried restarting but nothing helps. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this is killing my workflow!

Thanks - Drew

In the “VST Audio Connections” dialog, try to toggle the option “Reset driver when changing sample rate”.


Thanks so much PG.

I have unchecked it so now it’s off and it seems to have fixed the issue for the moment. Do you recommend this setting be enabled or disabled in general?

Thanks so much - Drew

Problem officially solved. Thanks so much again PG! Have a great holiday!

Cheers - Drew

Hi, I had the same problem today downsampling a wave file from 48 kHz to 44.1 kHz on my MacBookPro running Yosemite and WaveLab 8.5.2,
Thank to your advice I unchecked the box relevant to “Reset driver when changing sample rate” and up to now the system works ok, at least once, but I do not really understand, I am using an RME UCX audio interface and the driver to be reset is the RME driver right? what I find strange is that for months, during playback, I use to play files with various sample rate and never had a crash up to now, even with the a tick in the box! So why having a crash after rendering?

Hi, I had second thoughts about this crash and tick again the box “reset driver when changing sample rate” and nothing happen when I rendered a file from 48 to 44.1?
So I did some tests with files sampled with 48, 96 and 192 with BOTH driver RME i.e. the fireWire and the USB and with the tick in the box or NOT, no crash at all, everything smooth. I noticed sometimes a very light “click” on my headphone just starting playback a file with a new sample rate, that’s all.
So at the end I stay with a tick in the box, as it could not make any harm at least on my system. I did not test my internal interface (I mean the one on my MacBook Pro) as I am not sure if I can go up to 192kHz, but I will do it for fun one day!