WaveLab 8.5.20 & Tascam UH-7000

Hi all,

A very old WaveLab user (from version 3 to version 5.5 many years ago) here… switched to a Mac many years ago and was happy to see OSX support, so I bought a new license… nice to have WL on OSX.

So, installed 8.5.20 on a Mac running Yosemite 10.10.3, all seems well. I then installed a Tascam UH-7000 interface with their latest OSX Driver and Firmware. The driver installs two audio devices, one marked CoreAudio and the other as BitAccurate. When the Tascam is selected for System audio, it seems to work fine, i.e., iTunes can play through the UH-7000, systems sounds work, etc… Looking at the Apple MIDI Audio Setup utility, it shows that the System is linking the CoreAudio device driver, albeit both the CoreAudio and BitAccurate devices are showing along with the built-in audio devices.

So… WaveLab: I select the UH-7000 CoreAudio driver and when WaveLab attempts to access it for either playback or record, I get an error dialogue box stating The VST Audio Connections are not valid. I try the Bit Accurate driver (which according to Tascam you shouldn’t link directly) and don’t get the error, but it doesn’t play anything… I get the spinning colorwheel for a bit, then it appears to start a single sample and halts. If I go to the Tascam app and just toggle the clock source between automatic and internal, WaveLab starts to play. However, it’s not stable. If the screen saver gets engaged for any reason, WaveLab no longer plays audio properly, it stutters constantly on playback. I have to quite WaveLab, restart it and fiddle with the Tascam app to get it playing again. Also, if I change to a different file with different audio properties (sample rates, bit depth), the problem starts all over again, and back to the Tascam app.

Diagnosing further, there’s a difference in the audio format between the two device drivers that Tascam install. The CoreAudio driver shows as a 2 channel 32-bit integer format and the BitAccurate shows as a 2 channel 24-bit integer format. The built-in audio devices show as CoreAudio drivers with the 2-channel 24-bit integer format. I’m thinking that WaveLab is either not aware of the 32-bit integer format for CoreAudio, or if it is, there’s a problem.

Hopefully I’m doing something wrong… can this be confirmed as a current limitation or problem?

Regards, KM