wavelab 8.5 help

I searched this forum and didn’t see any related topics. ok I just bought wavelab 8.5 I installed it and now it wont open at all. when I click on the icon to open it open nothing happens I gave 15 minutes to respond and nothing. I uninstalled and then I reinstalled and still nothing. what the hell is going on? first time buyer on a Steinberg product and this happens. I am getting frustrated big time with this. my next step is to wipe my machine and start over. I don’t want to do that. has this happened to anyone else on here?

I guess we need some more information,

Operating System? Mac or PC? and what ever else you care to share.

Computer info,


WL should open with no problems after a few seconds.

I do not think you’ll need to wipe your machine and start over but as Thomas mentioned, it would be helpful to know what operating system you use (Mac or PC) and what specific version version.

Do you have the eLicenser software installed and USB dongle connected?

Most likely the issue can be resolved by double checking that the USB dongle is being properly used, or deleting some WaveLab preference files assuming you are using a supported operating system.

Also, is this WaveLab Elements or the full version of WaveLab?

Hi, Wavelab also fails to launch on my PC in a very similar way.
• Wavelab 8.5 (Full version - 64 bit) was working fine for several days after installing the wavelab_8.5.31.872_64- bit_hotfix.exe on a Windows 10 PC but on returning to it after Christmas, it now refuses to launch.
• I am running Windows 10 Home on an Intel Core2 Quad CPU running @2.40 GHz with 8.0 GB of installed RAM. There is a 230 GB SSD C Drive (138 GB used) and a 1TB data drive (50% full) with a 2TB data backup drive.
• When I click to launch I get the revolving blue circle thing for around 5 seconds then nothing happens. When I click to launch it appears as a “background process” on task manager settling at 64.4MB memory and settles at 0% CPU after peaking at ~6%
• I have reinstalled v8.5 and the hotfix. I have also installed 32 bit version. Also installed v8.0 in both 32 and 64 bit versions. None will launch.
• I have run de-install on V8.5 then re-installed from scratch plus the hotfix.
• I have run online Synchronisation and Maintenance on my eLicencer control centre, which reports no problems and shows a valid Wavelab 8.5 licence.
• Cubase Pro 8.5 (64 bit) continues to launch and work fine on this PC.
• As far as I can tell, Wavelab is the only affected programme.
• Over the Christmas period there was an unexpected Windows update ran whilst the pc was unattended and both the twin monitors switched off. Following this the PC only recognized a single monitor and I had to “undo” the update for it to recognise both monitors again. It was after this that I first discovered Wavelab refused to launch.

Any suggestions for solving this would be greatly appreciated

I am not trying to be funny but maybe go back to Windows 7? At least that OS was stable. 10 seems to be doing a lot of things that make it currently not suited for audio. The updates without permission would drive me wild.


Try erasing the preference folder:
AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab 8.5\

Success! Many thanks.

Thanks PG1 that worked for me too! Brilliant!