WaveLab 8.5 - now available / further information

i could upgrade my license on my elicenser. it did not opened download page as described here;


where can i find download page?

had same issue see this post, it has a link that should help…



Hi, I have a grace period for the upgrade from wavelab 8 =>8.5 and it’s ok on my e-lecencer stick but “the steinberg grace period website” didn’t appears… Could you help me to obtain “a download link” ; Thank you :wink:

go here…

put in your in e-license (dongle) number and if you qualify for the grace period it will
give you a download link.

Go to steinbergs site, click on 8.5, click on buy and it takes me to a checkout screen that says unavailable.
Typical, Im out

Hey folks,
I just downloaded the new 8.5 version.
Looks great and the watchmaps are a great improvement.
However, when I work on my laptop, be it at home in the studio or on location, I noticed I cannot scale down the montage window. And sometimes the screen turns black. The laptop is an Asus with quadcore i7 processor and working with W7.
Is this a known problem and if it is, do I need a new laptop?
Gr. Bert

I noticed I cannot scale down the montage window.

What do you mean?

In the montage window i cannot magnify the view nor can i shape the window so it wil fit on the screen.
And if i try the screen turns black for a while…

Are you using Windows 7 or 8? Maybe try to update your graphical card driver.
Do you try to maximize the window with the button on the caption bar? Or do you double click on the caption bar?

my first post here and it’s for some simple help.
Is Wavelab 8.5 compatible with Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.8?
I have Wavelab 8.03 running and don’t want to migrate up from OSX 10.6.8 right now.

While I see posts regarding Wavelab 8.5 compatibility with the higher OSX10.9 I have not found or missed the minimum OSX system requirements, will it run on my 10.6.8?

I have encountered applications requiring higher OSX half way through full revision…
It’s the only thing stopping me buying the upgrade right now.
Appreciate any clarifications/help.

No, OSX 10.6.x is not supported and has compatibility issues.

Thanks a lot, I’ll give it a miss for about a year then.
If I upgrade the MacPro tower beyond 10.6.8 I’ll lose compatibility of other applications as well as some external hardware and the new MacPro Trashcan is not to my liking.
Not sure what sort of higher spec Mac to buy next…
Thanks for your help.

Where can we find the change log?

WaveLab 8.5 is a pain in the back pocket. Pop up screens appear almost completely off screen and are unreachable. This makes so many of the functions unusable. PLEASE POST A FIX ASAP.

I’d be embarrassed if I released this

Hello Steinberg.

I’m on an iMac running OSX.8.5 (mt. lion)

WaveLab seems to break the keyboard shortcuts for making a selection: [shift]+[arrow keys] and [shift]+[PgUp and PgDn] doesn’t work anymore.

If I try to assign e.g. [shift]+[right arrow] to some else (selection related) I get a warning saying that this key command is already assigned to “Move right edge of selection to the right” - but it still doesn’t work.

All this works fine in WaveLab 8.0.5 (b702) - 32 bit

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong here? Or is it a bug?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Yes, this is a regression that will need a fix.