WaveLab 8.5 - now available / further information

Dear forum members,

Steinberg today announces the availability of Wavelab 8.5!

The latest version of Steinberg’s mastering, editing and batch processing software can be downloaded as an update at the Steinberg Online Shop. WaveLab 8.5 full version and educational products are also available at
your preferred dealer.

WaveLab 8.5 comes with a broad range of new functions, among them industry-first features such as the
new Watch Folders batch processor. Further highlights include:

Watch Folders batch processor
Use standard folders of the operating system to process and render audio files via drag & drop

Encoder Checker
Perform quality comparisons of the most popular audio codecs such as MP3, AAC and more

Multi-format rendering
Encode to multiple audio file formats simultaneously and save encoding chains as presets

AAC Encoder Encode straight to AAC formats
including HE-AAC. HE-AAC v2, HD-AAC and 3GPP, for compatibility to Apple products, such as iTunes, iPod and iPhone

Further improvements
such as the new Channel Extractor plug-in, plug-in bypass functions and enhanced XML data support

Product information on the WaveLab 8.5 official product page

WaveLab 8.5 in the Steinberg Online Shop

Grace Period
If you have activated WaveLab 8 after January 29 2014, you are eligible for a cost-free update to
WaveLab 8.5! More information on how to obtain the GracePeriod update can be found here: GracePeriod

Important notice for users of RND Portico plug-ins, Yamaha Vintage Plug-In Collection, REV-X and ChannelStrip
Just before the release of WaveLab 8.5, Steinberg has discovered a technical problem affecting the RND Portico series plug-ins, the Yamaha Vintage Plug-In Collection as well as the REV-X reverb and the Channel Strip bundled with Steinberg hardware products. Unfortunately, these plug-ins cannot be used with WaveLab 8.5 right now due to a wrong parameter interpretation issue. We have already analysed the issue and are working on a solution. A fix for this problem is expected to be released in the first WaveLab 8.5 maintenance update on July 7th. We regret any inconvenience this may cause until then.


Some smaller but useful features also available in 8.5:

  • New Post-processing slot in the Master Section
  • Audio Montage: Function to bypass all plugins for a given clip or track
  • Audio Montage: enhancement of the “missing files dialog”
  • Keyboard zoom sensitivity option
  • Integrated WavPack file format support
  • CD import: FreeDb submit function
  • Channel Extractor plugin (to keep left or right channels out of stereo)
  • MonoToStereo plugin now accepts stereo files as input (same content on both channels)
  • Analog waveform emulation at sample level zooming is now optional
  • “Set ruler’s origin to cursor” implemented
  • Batch processing: Meta-data import from XML, and batch injection of meta-data via XML
  • Batch processing: Customized XML export (XSLT processing)
  • Option to use an alternate external file browser (for “Reveal in Finder/Explorer”)

For those of us who don’t necessarily need all the bells and whistles, will there be a Wavelab Elements 8.5 coming out at the same time? :nerd:

Only WaveLab will be updated to 8.5.

Hi PG,

will it have a function to set the silence in configuration? I wrote about it before and you said it will be done.

Now silence plugin just takes the so needed slot in mastering section.


No, the silence function remains as a plugin. I have realized this is needed when one want to use the batch processor.

Hi PG,

cant it be as a plugin and as an option in preferences? So batch people will be happy as well as users like me:)


Hey PG,

I didn’t get the reply on my last post. I will buy the update only because of this feature.

Is it possible to have it as it is for batch guys and also in preferences for mastering guys like me? Now I always have to remove silence plugin or spectrum analyzer plugin to get work done.

Or maybe possible at least to create one extra slot for silence or analyzer plugin in 8.5?


There is a new extra slot in 8.5, aimed for analysers or room correction, a slot that is only active during playback, and never rendered. Hence this wont change solething for you concerning the silence function.
Multiplying the number of options is not very good, espescially when there is an alternative way to achieve something (here with the silence plugin).

fair enough, thanx for extra slot:)

Still no multichannel files support?


Even if this is now planned (which I don’t know), I wouldn’t expect it in a mere point release - even a chargeable one. There must be a lot of quite fundamental work to get it to a usable point.


How about releasing the product in July instead.

One month to convert WaveLab to full multichannel file handling?? Not gonna happen…


hi I’m a new here.
will it have a function to set the silence in configuration?

Will there be a full installer to go straight to WaveLab 8.5 like Cubase 7.5, or will I have to install 8.0, then 8.0.3 before I upgrade to 8.5?


Sounds good. But I’m still on WL7 - what will be the upgrade price to 8.5 from 7?

It will be possible to update directly from 7.0. I ignore the pricing.

I think it’s best to upgrade now to Wavelab 8 and get W8.5 for free in June,i am considering this option myself

It would appear that the tool set is definitely catering for the power user. What about smaller project users - Ver7 from a work flow was plenty, was kind of hoping for a slight increase in the creative tools as opposed to the industrial.