WaveLab 8.5 Will not open!

Ok, here’s my info:

I’m running a brand new Mac Mini, 4GB ram, OSX10.9
I’ve installed Wavelab 7 and it works fine with my Digi 003 Rack
I’ve installed Wavelab 8. and just recently WaveLab 8.5 and NEITHER of them will open on my machine. The program hangs at the Wavelab logo and I just get the spinning beach ball of doom.

What gives? Any suggestions to what is going on here?

I was VERY hesitant to upgrade to 8 since 7 was working for me, and it took nearly 2 weeks of support to get it running correctly. I was hoping the Steinberg would have it together and that 8.5 would be a clean install. - I don’t know, i’m just used to software working when I install it… call me crazy… I’m at a full time recording and mastering studio, and I need this software running, and i’m beyond frustrated right now. HELP!

Thank you.

You have updated your eLicensor …

It’s a fresh install, i’ve downloaded the lastest versions. Running

What do you see when running, because the spinning ball? Do you see the plugin scanning process? Do you see some opening windows?

the only thing I see when I launch the application is the rectangular WaveLabs graphic in the middle of the screen. I get the spinning ball, then… nothing.
I found that WaveLab 7 still opens but not 8.5 …odd.

Reboot your computer.
Try erasing this folder, if you find it:
/Users/YourName/Library/Preferences/WaveLab 8.5/
and restart.
At no time, you see any progress bar with a path to some plugin?

Yes, correct. I have not seen a progress bar on screen, just the graphic. I will try trashing the file in the AM. Thank you!

Looks like that file didn’t exist on my computer.
I went through and cleaned up any divi and avid files on the computer as well, thinking the 003 rack might of had something to do with it… and… nada… still hangs

Did you enter your WaveLab 8.5 activation code?

Yes. And my eLicenser shows the 8.5 License I don’t believe I received another activation code when I upgraded to 8.5

I had updated to 8 about a month ago, and just recently to 8.5, both 8 and 8.5 fail to open, though 7 still works fine, which is odd.

Is there a way to tell from the eLicenser that 8.5 IS indeed activated?

Did you try running wavelab both in 32 and 64 bit modes? If not, you should.

How would I do that? I never saw an option for it when I was installing 8.5

Right click on the WaveLab icon, then choose “Get Info” from the menu, and from the dialog, uncheck “execute in 32 bit”.

No luck with that either

It is possible to generate diagnostics at startup. Please follow this procedure:

  1. Save the supplied file to your hard-disk then copy it to this folder:
    “/Users/[YourName]/Library/Preferences/WaveLab 8.5”
    (if this folder does not exist, create it).

This means you will have this file:
“/Users/[YourName]/Library/Preferences/WaveLab 8.5/Startup.plist”

  1. Open the Mac OSX terminal application
    (found there: /Applications/Utilities/Terminal")

  2. Type exactly:
    cd “/Applications/WaveLab 8.5”

  3. type:
    “/Applications/WaveLab 8.5/Contents/MacOS/WaveLab 8.5”

  4. Now, WaveLab should be executed and you will see some text printed in the terminal window. Please copy/paste this information to me, and maybe I can figure out where the program stops.


Thank you for your help. Turns out it was my 003 rack drivers hanging the program. Once I removed all traces of it, it booted fine. Which is cool, since i’ve sold that interface, now I just need the program to recognize my new HD Omni interface… But that’s a question for another post.