WaveLab 8.5 Win 7 optimum CD burn speed

I have moved to Win 7 Professional dual core 3.4 GHz with Wavelab 8.5. In the older systems (WL 4 on XP), the conventional wisdom seemed to be to burn CDs at 4x speed or less. This is because the error correction of audio red book CDs is less than data CDs and that audio CD players expect CDs made with a glass master which has crisp edges. The edges of a burned CD are less defined causing jitter and therefore more read errors on consumer CD players. However, I find that most CD or CD/DVD burners can only go down to 16x speed. I can’t find anything which can burn at lower speeds. Are the newer burners able to burn sharper edges at faster speed than the older ones? Does anyone have a suggestion of what CD burner will give the best universal result? Are there still drives that can burn at lower speeds? Is it better? The CDs I make will be played by many people on various machines and I want the best results. On my old system the drive would burn at 4x speed and I only had a couple of complaints after making hundreds of CDs. In short, what speed can I burn CDs and still have maximum compatibility?

Most important IMO is the media quality - if you can, get Taiyo Yuden. This is not a brand name but a factory name, so they can come under different brands.

About the burn speed; last time I remember this getting discussed (a long time ago) the concensus was that the burn media ‘grew’ with the burner speeds. So with media from the older days having a maximum burn speed of 16x, optimum burn speed could be 4x, while with current media the maximum is higher and the optimum is therefor also higher.

Thank you. That is helpful. I will look for Taiyo Yuden disks. How does one properly thank a person in this forum? I see there are than lists, but not sure how to acknowledge a person using the list.

Note that Taiyo Yuden is now JVC Advanced Media:


Hey that’s good to know! Thanks. BTW to OP: it’s the thumbs up icon at each post next to ‘Quote’.

I can also confirm that with JVC/TY and a combination of Windoze 7 and Pioneer Premium burner, high burn speeds actually result in lower error rates (when tested on PlexTools Professional/Plextor drive) than lower burn rates. I would recommend burning a few disks at different speeds and testing them with PlexTools Professional/Eclipse/Clover (whatever you have) for errors to establish a ‘sweet spot’ for your particular system combination. FWIW, burn speed of 40x on our system results in very low tested error rates. YMMV.