WaveLab 8/8.5 Using plugins with visual tools

Previously there was a way to have the visual tools on the screen displaying information while playing a track back in WaveLab AND be able to select a plugin or multiple plugins from the master section and view the floating plugins on top of the visual tools. Now whenever I select a plugin during visual tools usage the floating plugin window always appears underneath the visuals and I have to engage and disengage the visuals rather than the one plugin. This was always useful to be able to do before because I could view the visuals and make adjustments to my one plugin rather than look at the visuals disengage all the visuals go to my plugin make a tweak then engage the visuals again to see if that’s what I really want for the edit.

Does anyone remember how this works in WaveLab and/or if it’s still possible to do? If so could you tell me because I’m looking through the manual and all the menus but have not been able to find a solution which is strange because I never had this issue before. Could this be due to the WaveLab 9 update causing errors and loss of features in previous versions?