Wavelab 8 and Dropbox

I wonder has anyone had any issues regarding Wavelab and Dropbox on a W7 (64) machine?
Good afternoon,

I have found that when files - that I have just processed - are moved from the normal working directory, into Dropbox, that the machine crashes in a funny way. Not the normal BSOD, just a frozen mouse, keyboard and power switch. Only the reset button works.

Interestingly, the machine appeared to be working normally in the background despite appearing frozen, because when I looked on my laptop, three of the files started to appear in my dropbox. Obviously the upload stopped when I eventually decided thata reset was the only option.

Now surely I should be able to move saved files to wherever I choose once I have done the deed on them in WL. I am making a mental note to be cautious in the interim by closing WL before doing any file management tasks, but I suspect that I’ll forget, as these things are normally done in a bit of a hurry - someone looking for something (in this case mp3s of a live recording) yesterday sort of thing… Normally windows tells you that you can’t move a file or whatever because it is in use by another application…

All I did was trim the wavs, fade in/out and “Save as” (using the LAME encoder which is supposed to be the better option), then close the original wav without saving, as they are part of an ongoing project. Then I opened an explorer window and dragged and dropped the mp3s into a folder and dragged the entire folder into the dropbox root.

Could this be anything to do with WL8’s file browser getting confused by operations going on outside the programme? Just a thought. If I find out any more info, I’ll keep this thread informed.

You removed a file that WaveLab still thought it knew about; I would expect trouble to follow. If you had copied the file to Dropbox, there would have been no problem.