Wavelab 8 and Powercore 6000


I have Wavelab 7 and Powercore 6000 running OK om my mastering PC.

I only use a couple of Powercore plugins but they’re essential to my sound and workflow, namely
Brickwall Limiter, Dynamic EQ and MD3 MBC.

I want to upgrade to WL 8 (to be 8.5 soon)

Does anyone have Powercore working with WL8 or can I expect everything to keep working
has anything about VST plugin support changed from WL7 to WL8?


Win7 64bit, Wavelab 8 64bit, Powercore 6000 via jBridge. No issuess.

Thanks for your reply.

One more question if that’s OK :slight_smile:

Which driver version are you using for Powercore - there has been so many release candidates.

What is the advantage of using Wavelab as a 64bit application - I have only ever used WL as a 32bit app.
Is the reason so you don’t need keep 32 and 64bit versions of your plugins going when you’ve already gone fully 64bit on your main DAW (in my case Cubase 7 64bit)


I use Powercore driver version 4.4.3f62. I install only 64bit plugins on my system and that is the reason for 64bit version of Wavelab I guess. Only exception is Powercore with 32bit plugins but used via jBridge.


bgor, thanks so much.

Really helpful info.

Did you need to do any other tweaks to get Powercore stable (like that registry edit thing Hagen put up on the TC forum)

I’ve had a nightmare with my Powercore driver crashing if I had more than 5 or 6 plugins active in a Cubase 6.5 mix.
But that’s on an older Intel DP35DP motherboard and Q9550 CPU.

I’m hoping my newly ordered PC Workstation - X79 mobo and 4930K CPU will fair better with Powercore.

Do you use JBridge in Nuendo also or the built in bridge?

Thanks again for all your excellent replies, it really is appreciated.


only tweak that I remember is to use legacy driver for FiWi card (I have EXSYS EX-16450 FireWire PCI-Express Controller btw).

Concerning Nuendo and Powercore plugins - I use built in VST bridge. It works well.




Everything I need to know.

Thanks once again.