WaveLab 8 Elements Trial- Sonnox cutdowns?

Hi, I have been using WaveLab LE 7 for about a year now as it came with a Zoom H1 I bought a while back. I have always wanted to have WaveLab for after reading Sound On Sound & being a SAW Studio user I have heard nothing but praise. I have gotten an awful lot out of WaveLab LE 7 in the short time I have used it.

Earlier in 2014, I demo’d the Sonnox Restoration Suite direct from Sonnox and hosted in WaveLab LE 7 (iLok is req’d, I just so happened to have one). This Restoration suite is FANTASTIC; albeit pricey, & I did take the time to put it thru its paces, it is great, great software, IMO. Using the WaveLab Elements trial, these Sonnox Restoration Suite vsts appear to be cutdowns.

Minimum System Requirements:
So, I have seen that WaveLab Elements & Full come with Sonnox Restoration suite bundled. This greatly motivated me to want to purchase WaveLab 7 or as it is now 8.; BUT, the minimum system requirements for PC are Win7 and I am still running Vista Home 32 bit. So, before buying, I have to investigate whether or not WaveLab 8 will run on my computer. WaveLab LE 7 does, so I installed today.

So far, so good, I have WaveLab 8 Elements functioning just fine so far & I look forward to trialling before I buy.

Next step, I load a buzz-filled track of mine & investigate the Sonnox De-Buzzer. Thing is, this Sonnox De-Buzzer doesn’t have all the bells & whistles of the Sonnox plugins that I trialled earlier in the year(?); mainly I do not find a “diff” button and the UI is much more stripped down; no live waveform monitoring. I am not saying this to be negative, just to let you WaveLab users know that the full version of the Sonnox Restoration suite is fantastic. I’ll dig a lot deeper over my trial period of WaveLab.