Wavelab 8 Elements vs Cubase 8 Pro


I’ve Wavelabs 8 Elements but have never use it yet. And I wanted to ask you guys;
What can I do with Wavelab 8 Elements that I cannot dor with Cubase 8 Pro?


any ideas?

Buen Cds

Buen Cds

Is that all? Burn CDs only the differentation point of WaveLab 8 Elements over Cubase 8 Pro??

Ofcourse not. Cubase is a recording/ composition multi track DAW and Wavelab is an extensive audio editor with focus on mastering and creating delivereables in all shapes and forms. What the use is for any individual user cannot be said in general…

How about checking the product informations by yourself … therer are all answers on the steinberg webpage. :wink:

You really cannot compare Wavelab and Cubase this way … totally different beasts … different focus.



You can tell people you have WaveLab 8 Elements which, in all honesty you couldn’t if you didn’t. :wink:


thanks people…but I was asking what wavelab 8 elements do that cubase 8 pro cannot do? I cannot see differences on their page, I feel that most things, fx etc are common.

Ok … last try: Mastering (audio) - Wikipedia Section: Process … that is what wavlab is for.

Download a wavelab demo, try it, use it … read the product discriptions! Have a look at some youtube videos about audio montage in wavelab. Wavelab is not a sequencer for audio production … it is a very powerfull audio editing and mastering tool. No Midi. No VSTi. Just waves. :wink:



I hope the information you give is also valid for elements :wink: thanks

TerrifyingDarkVoiceFromFarAway READ … read the product discriptions!

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

To be honest what we can do With Wavelab elements is quite little in compassion with the full version.

so Wavelab vs Cubase Pro 8 is quite similar, just some different features…

Thats what l was trying to say/ask. Thanks for all answers :slight_smile: @deadagain, l’ll read it :wink:

I own Cubase Pro 8 and WaveLab Elements 8 btw