Wavelab 8 & .m4A files?

I just discovered Wavelab 8 doesn’t open these files? (both 32 and 64 bits)

I read where Wavelab 7 (32 bit) will open them but not 64 bit.

Any information would be helpful. I’m not very iTunes hip.

You need Quicktime installed as I recall. Wavelab uses Quicktime as the decoder, for AAC and Apple Lossless (although never tried Apple Lossless, maybe that doesn’t work). Both are .m4a as I recall.

PG how come 64 bit doesn’t work?

Quicktime does not provide the same aac support in 64bit.
We should hopefully support aac directly in the future.

This is kind of a big deal for me as I have a buddy doing quick mixdowns from Garageband on his iPod, and he often sends me M4A’s, which I cannot open, even in Wavelab. Couldn’t get it to work in 32 bit Elements 7 either.


Did you install Quicktime for Windows?

This is what WaveLab 32 bit needs.

I don’t use Wavelab Elements 32 bit anymore. But I may install it and give it a try.