WaveLab 8 - Make 24 bit DDP? or saving the montage files 24


Is there anyway to make the montage burn a DDP in 24 bit? Sonoris DDP Creator will allow this importing the 24 bit files and creating a Hi Res DDP with the 24 bit files contained. Although if I am creating the montage for CD prep, DDP fpr Disk creation, etc.; as well I want to use the same montage assembly to create a Hi RES 24 bit assembly of my Sequence. How is this possible?

Thanks in advance

This is not possible. Why would you use that for?

Well really what I’m trying to do is capture or export the montage sequence at 24bit. If I send off to Vinyl cutting I usually supply 24bit resolution files for the disk cutting DAC.

Also I need the hi res for sending files to MFIT (mastered for iTunes). So I understand I can’t make the DDP 24bit but how can I export the montage sequence at that resolution. Can it be done? Either as a whole file or split track files keeping them at 24 or higher bit?


I don’t think that DDPs support 24-bit and I wouldn’t trust anybody on the receiving end to be able to keep a DDP image at 24-bit to cut the vinyl from even if Wavelab could somehow make a DDP 24-bit.

For MFiT version, you could just render each region (CD track) as a 24-bit WAV and have Wavelab add the numeric prefix to the start of the file name. Just remember to adjust your dither plugin to 24-bit from 16 :smiley: :smiley:. You can set the metadata options to add the song title to the metadata without the numeric prefix as well so the number doesn’t show when you load into software if you don’t want it to.

For vinyl masters, I usually just render a long continuous 24-bit WAV file from the montage for each side of the record and include a PDF of where the track IDs are. This way all the spaces between songs stay in tact. After I have my settings dialed in for the vinyl master, I usually have to make a montage (save as) for each side of the record so that the times on the PDF for each side match the audio file and start from zero.

For side A montage I simply delete the regions that are for side B and add a CD end maker where side A ends. For side B montage, I have to delete all the regions for side A and slide the side B regions and markers to the start of the montage (zero).

I’m used to doing this by now but I have always wish there was an automatic way to generate a vinyl master using 1 montage, resulting in one WAV per side with times that match the PDF and audio file.

For example, if you make a WAV for each side using one montage laid out like a CD master, the times and IDs for side B will show much higher times than the audio file because the audio file will start at 0 but the times include all the audio from side A.

how can I export the montage sequence at that resolution

As Jperkinski says, simply render the montage to a wav file, from the Render dialog. Select the desired resolution with the file output format, from the render dialog.

In the render options, you can choose “whole montage” which allows you to keep your track markers in the montage and render a continuous WAV of an entire montage. This way you can supply a PDF report of where the songs start and end.

This way the gaps between songs or song order can’t change unless somebody does it on purpose. Sending a WAV for each song for vinyl cutting is potential for sequencing trouble. DDP makes sense for keeping things in order but then you’re stuck at 16-bit and the lacquer cutter still has to manually separate the two sides which could be tricky and add potential for trouble.

I think this is how most people are submitting vinyl masters these days as they can be higher resolution than audio CD/DDP. I’ve been doing it for years now with no issues. I send a link to a zip file with one 24-bit WAV per side and a PDF for each side with the times and other info.

Now, if only I didn’t have to make a montage for each side in order for the times on the PDF to match the audio file :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Ok I got it now, thank you!

Don’t DVD DDPs (and DDP 2 generally) support 24 bit files? I don’t think it’s necessarily out of spec, except for CD and 1.0.