WaveLab 9.0.20 / WaveLab BLACK available

Dear forum members,

I’m happy to announce that Steinberg today releases WaveLab 9.0.20, a cost-free maintenance update for
the WaveLab 9 product family. This update incorporates more than 40 fixes and improvements.

With the 9.0.20 update, we are also happy to introduce WaveLab BLACK. This is a new WaveLab color theme,
that allows you to further individualize your WaveLab experience by choosing the “Black” theme in the
Preferences > Global > Display settings. WaveLab BLACK has been carefully designed by the WaveLab design
team and is exclusively available for the WaveLab 9 family.

The WaveLab Pro 9.0.20 download is available here

The WaveLab Elements 9.0.20 download is available here

Have fun!

Note: the User Interface Theme (Light, Dark, Black) is independent from the Audio File and Audio Montage styles. These can be set in:

Preferences > Audio Files > Style
Preferences > Audio Montages > Style

Superb new look :exclamation:

Indeed - lots of really nice UI improvements; the whole ‘look and feel’ is excellent PG - really good and patient work. Thoroughly enjoying being ‘inside’ this edition now; even though I’m mostly doing CD compilation work and only minor audio tweaks along the way. Yes, I massively under-use this apps power.!

I can only imagine your Cubendo colleagues are looking on with a slight tinge of envy… :slight_smile:

I have to agree that this is one of the best versions I have encountered so far, dating back to 4. Visual is very nice, and navigating the program in general is much more user friendly. Much appreciated.

9.0.20 running great here!

I have to say, overall, Wavelab 9 has just been absolutely wonderful to work with… I am a very happy customer! Many thanks PG!


Hopefully, they’re also taking A LOT of notes - :wink: - Seriously, though, the Wavelab 9 GUI is kind of fantastic.

Looks super good with the black mode!