Wavelab 9.5.35 Horizontal Resize on Windows 10

I’ve noticed this on two different Windows 10 computers.

If I double click on the program title bar so that I can resize the whole program window, then drag the right edge to the left, so the program window is made smaller horizontally, the program is responsive until I hit the point where it won’t go any smaller. At that point the window freezes, and I can’t do anything with the program and have to force quit Wavelab or close the window from the quick launch icon.

There’s a similar but different freeze doing the same thing with a vertical resize.

Still getting this in 9.5.40 but I can quit the program now without force quit. But if I reduce the horizontal size of Wavelab to half a notebook screen size, the window freezes, and I can’t move it like I can with other programs.

WaveLab is not optimized to have its size reduced, and it would not be easy to do so, given the number of UI elements. Don’t expect some improvement here.

It’s not about optimizing for a smaller window, the issue is that the application should not become unresponsive. This can be reproduced easily on Windows 10 as bob99 has described.

I agree. Doesn’t seem right that it should freeze the program.

I may not be explaining this correctly.

In WLE7, whatever audio files I had loaded, and however I had my workspace set up, they/it remained in place when I would later re-open WL.

In WLE9.5, my open audio files are not retained, and my workspace goes back to a single window layout.


Hold down Ctrl key (Command key on Mac) and open Wavelab. Select “Open Last Project” and “Use As Default”. And set “Restore Last Configuration” in the Master Section Settings if you want the Master Section restored. Also Workspace “Save As Default” probably too.

I can consistently reproduce that resizing WaveLab’s window can cause the UI to stop responding entirely.