Wavelab 9.5 crashing on startup but worked fine yesterday

I’ve not updated or changed anyting since using it yesterday, I used it fine all day then came to finish some work this morning and it crashes just after it opens

I’m running Wavelab 9.5 on a mac pro 2008 OSX 10.11.5 (El Capitan), my system is old but WL has been running fantastically since installing it last year.

Any ideas or fixes would be most appreciated as I have work I need to finish ASAP.

Many thanks

Normally this is from a corrupt preference file and/or a bad plugin left in the master section that causes WaveLab to crash when opening.

Sometimes deleting the General.dat file in the Preferences folder is enough.

Other times, deleting the entire folder is required.

If you delete the entire folder, you can make a backup first and then try to put some things back manually like presets and key commands.

I explain more here:

Thanks for the quick response.

Unfortunetely neither deleting the General.dat file or the entire folder has fixed the problem, it still crashes just after all the windows open. Any other ideas?

Interesting. Usually deleting the Preferences folder is the most effective way to clear this up. You could also try to reinstall the latest version of 9.5 if it’s still compatible with your MacOS.

Lastly, you could post a few of the crash reports on this forum for PG to evaluate. You can find them here if they exist:

/Users/username/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/WaveLab Pro 9.5

Yeah I did think a fresh install might just be the best bet

Thanks again for the help

Normally, a fresh install doesn’t overwrite most or any Preferences files so this is why deleting the prefs is usually more effective than just reinstalling the app but since deleting the prefs didn’t help, I’d try a reinstall and if that doesn’t work, post the crash reports here.

I had to restore from Time Machine in the end as when I ran the software installer app it demanded an update, but once updated it then wouldn’t run on my OS lol! regradless It’s all sorted now but I think a new mac will be on the cards in 2022, so I can get everything up to date