Wavelab 9.5 keeps crashing

Hi, can someone please help me? Wavelab 9.5 keeps crashing. It was working fine until an hour ago, then everytime I do anything, render a file, edit, delete…crashes. This is the report: WL 9.5 Crash report - Google Docs

I would start by deleting this file:

/Users/username/Library/Preferences/WaveLab 9.5/Preferences/General.dat

Thank you, I can’t seem to find that file, but I reloaded Wavelab, and it hasn’t crashed for about 30 mins. Previously was crashing every time I opened it. Let’s see if this works.
thanks for your help

The MacOS Library is hidden by default but if you use the Google you can find out how to show it.

You can can also choose “Open Setting Folder” in the WaveLab Preferences Tab and it will expose it for you.

Still can’t find it, and yes, crashed again…

Pressing the “Open Setting Folder” button here should expose that path in Mac Finder for you:

actually, just found it, and did what you suggested, just restarting now, thanks

No problem. If that doesn’t solve it, maybe PG will be here soon to analyze the crash report.

Thanks, that would be helpful. Of course, in the middle of a big project, frantic, and WL fails…rarely ever fails any other time. Will plough on…

Are you using a new plugin you don’t normally use?

I recently got a bunch of izotope plugins, but I’ve been using them for about six months, so not really new. Of course, there are updates, so may have something to do with updated versions. Also deleted the older versions of the plugins and also the plugins I don’t use anymore, obviously, that didn’t help as it crashed again after that. I’m now not using as many plugins, and rendering files as I go, in case I get another crash. Not really ideal. thanks

I’m still getting crashes, can anyone help me???

Any chance to try with WaveLab 11 ? WaveLab 9.5 is very old.

Yes, good idea, given there’s a sale! Is it compatible with 9.5, as in can I open all my montages in 9.5 in 11 without any hassles? I’m in the middle of a lot of editing, and can’t afford the time to lose anything or redo. Also, can I somehow keep my 9.5 current to use one laptop and use 11 on another computer I have (both macs)? Or does that mean I have to get 2x full WL? BTW, I have taken Justin’s advice and constantly deleting General.dat from Preferences folder. It doesn’t work all the time, but mostly. Also not using as many plugins, though not sure if that’s the issue. thanks

WaveLab 9.5 montages will open in 11 but once you open in 11, you can’t go back to 9.5

The licensing system will be changing at some point this year and I can’t give a concrete answer on what it looks like when you upgrade right now but for the time being, whatever computer has the USB dongle for WaveLab Pro will work. Or are you using Elements?

Also, it could help further to delete the entire preferences folder and start clean but I would suggest backing up that folder first in case you want to put some presets or other settings back.

Also, macOS Mojave isn’t officially supported with WaveLab 11 so you’ll have to think about updating your OS to 10.15 or higher. That being said, I know of some people that are running WaveLab 11 on Mojave and it works, with a few potential graphics quirks.

Thanks. So if I upgrade to WL 11 (using 9.5 pro currently), can I use WL 11 on one computer with my one dongle, and use 9.5 on another computer using the same dongle? I’d like to upgrade, but I’m just worried if something goes wrong with my computer when I also upgrade to a newer version macOS, I might have issues.
In other words, if I have issues when I upgrade both macOS and WL, can I go back to previous version of WL using he same dongle?
Hope that makes sense.

Yes, for the dongle. But for the new OS, I can’t guarantee that 9.5 will work on the latest OS. But thanks to Apple Time Machine, you can revert to the old OS.

great, thanks. Will get WL11 then.