Wavelab 9.5 kicking up from finder (mac)

Any idea how I stop WL 9.5 (audio file) from kicking up (with audio clip booted up), when I’m working with audio in the finder on a mac? Must be some sort of automatic config. Driving me crazy.

Not sure what you are referring to. The term “kicking up” does not seem to be something I am familiar with. FWIW

I agree that this wording is strange. Do you mean that you do not want the last file you had open in WaveLab to appear when you reopen WaveLab? (See attachment).

Or do you mean that you’re accidentally double clicking on a file in the Mac Finder and that causes it to open in WaveLab? If you press command + I on a WaveLab file, you’ll be able to see what the default app is for a given file type like WAV.

Anyway, you might want to re-word the problem so we can help.