Wavelab 9.5 not remembering settings

All of a sudden WL 9.5.5 has decided not to remember any settings. I cannot save the screen layout, I cannot save my file preferences or where the latest files are stored. I can save plugin settings. Ideas??? Thanks in advance. This is on a Window 10 Pro machine.

The preset files are not saved? Do you have an error message?

I cannot save preferences like recording settings, where files are, and other things that WL used to remember.
I go to do a recording and instead of remembering what I just did a day ago and where it was saved it remembers a project from a year ago. Also if I change some parameter in the recording dialog in WL the next time I open the recording window it does not remember what I saved. It also does not remember things like the current setup of the windows even if I tell it to remember the settings. This just started. Thanks in advance for any help.

Many settings are stored in \AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 9.5\Preferences\General.dat
Can you see if the size of date of this file, changes between sessions?

Try to search recursively from \AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 9.5\Preferences
for all files named as " .last" and delete them.

There was no Preferences folder in that location.


I did reinstall WL and the 9.5.5 update - no change.

There was no Preferences folder in that location.

Really? Don’t you have this set?..
What do you see if you click on “Open Setting Folder” ?

Here is what I see.

I have the preferences set for “all users”

I have the preferences set for “all users”

Is this really what you want? If yes, you need to have permission to write there.


How do I do that? I am the only user.
Thanks in advance!!!

After much work and reinstalling WL multiple times I seem to have it working the way it was. Thanks for all the help… Hope this is not something I have to do more than once! what a pain…