Wavelab 9.5 Watermark Text & Picture Query

Hi Guys,

I recently started using the “Watermark” feature in Wavelab 9.5 which gives you the option to place a text or image watermark into the audio track for Copyright & Security etc. … All fine “BUT” When embedding the Watermark (e.g. Text) into the audio … Then playing the Audio Track back? the section with the Watermark sounds corrupted or distorted???
I did try placing the Watermark when Inserting Silence at the beginning of track but the Watermark Text covers a fixed length which runs into the first few bars or it wont process if resizing?.

Anyone have any suggestions as to Watermark without destroying Audio, otherwise what’s the point of Watermarking in Wavelab 9.5.

Many Thanks.

You don’t destroy the audio, if the watermark is in the high range, and has a low level.

Thank you Philippe, this is very helpful, can I assume if I place the watermark for example above the audio threshold area which contains empty space, or below as suggested, I should be able to place the watermark without audio corruption etc.?.
Many Thanks.

Yes, please try it. You can also put it in an audio part where there is already some high end. A masking effect will make it even more hidden, from the audio perspective.

Thank you again Philippe, I’ve tried it and the watermark is embedded but barely visible.
Can I ask? Can the text be made more transparent so as it’s more visible or is it common practice to make the text or image less transparent for copyright security etc.
Many thanks!

the watermark is embedded but barely visible.

It’s you who decide the level. You can change this.