Wavelab 9 and Algorithmix Renovator

Is there a way integrate Algorithmix Renovator in WL9, as it was possible in the previous versions?

It’s already there:

Ah, fantastic! Thanks so much PG. I know there are not so many people using this, but for those who do, it is an important feature. Great it is still implemented in WL9!

I am sorry but I can see this Renovator in the Process tab on my version of WaveLab 9?
Looking at plug-in, I saw nothing relevant to this Renovator. What should I do to get it?

WaveLab does not come with Renovator. Do you have Renovator installed on your system?

No I haven’t , I overlooked the previous item which was about the integration of Renovator in WL9, this was my mistake!
BTW, from now on WL9 is very stable on my MacBookPro, and your new interface in really a must !

Because I decided to upgrade WL 7.2.1 to WL 9.5 PRO on Win10, is it possible to use Algorithmix reNOVAtor 2.5 64 bit in WL 9.5 on Win10 like for example reNOVAtor 2.1 32 bit in WL7.2.1 on WinXP? reNOVAtor 2.5 64 bit does not work in WL 7.2.1 (WaveLab_7.2.1_Win8_Patch64) on Win10!!!, in the meantime WL 7.2.1 himself works fine in Win10, but not without “WaveLab_7.2.1_Win8_Patch64”.

I have already many years the 64b version of Renovator. It works flawleslly in WL 9 and 10. It is one of my most important plugins. In my opinion it is, thanks by the integration in Wavelab, unbeatable. I have RX 7 too, but for my workflow Renovator suits better.
Algorithmix seems a nearby dead company as you look on their site, but no worry, they work still further, to make all their plugins 64b. You need patient.


Sorry I mean WL 8 and 9

Also for me, the reNOVAtor is one of the most important and useful tools, I have been using it for almost 12 years and I feel tied hands without it.
I also used Cedar Retouch in ProTools, but it’s incomparable how flawlessly and user-friendly is the Algorithmix reNOVtor in Wavelab.

Hi, someone have a newer Renovator patch to work with Wavelab 10 or Sequoia 15 on Windows10/64? With the original installer now it doesen’t appears as an editor in both the DAWs.