Wavelab 9 causing KClip Pro 2 to lock up.

Before you say, tell Kazrog support, here’s what’s happening with the KClip plugin:

It works fine in Pro Tools on AAX.

In Wavelab 9.0.15 and with the latest .25, if I have a blank master section, I can load KClip just fine. Save it as a template, reload it. No problems.

If I load a template I’ve saved and simply try to add KClip to the list of already-loaded plugins, it causes Wavelab to hang with KClip never loading and I have to manually kill WL to make it stop.

If I load the same template as above with the other plugins, and then click the “Reset Master Section” button to clear everything and then try and load KClip as the only plugin in the chain, it again causes Wavelab to hang.

Now, if I load a blank template and manually add all of the same plugins as the template above, KClip loads just fine.

So… by process of elimination, it appears that the saved templates I load and use are causing some kind of conflict with KClip. But seemingly not due to any of those other specific plugins themselves.

I’m pretty sure this is one that Phillip will need to take a look at but I had to post it and see if anyone has any ideas.

I did in fact contact Kazrog tech support and they say the plugin should work just fine as evidenced by the fact that I can load it and use it in Wavelab when it’s used as part of a new template.


  • Dave Fore
  • Windows 7/64, always updated, running near flawless
  • Wavelab 9.0.15 and also .25
  • UAD Apollo 16 FW
    KClip 2.01 (latest version available)

FWIW, when I first tried KClip Pro 2 in WaveLab on OS X, the new wavescope didn’t work.

The Kazrog developer told me this:

I don’t even bother testing in Wavelab anymore because it is so unreliable with VSTs. I can’t think of any reason why it shouldn’t work.

As for VST3, it’s been nothing but a headache as well, and there’s exactly zero advantage to it when VST 2.4 does everything my plugins need, and works flawlessly in every host (aside from Wavelab.)

So, perhaps it’s a WaveLab issue, or perhaps it’s due to lack of developer testing. We may never know.

That’s no good!!!

I haven’t had time to dig into the Pro 2 update but randomly the wavescope started working with the 2.01 update even though the developer said it still wasn’t working on Windows with WaveLab and gave the impression that he hadn’t attempted to fix it yet.

It seems like a promising tool for mastering “in the box” and still get the vibe of clipping a good A/D converter but I haven’t had the time need to test it out yet.

After I explained to him that WaveLab was probably the most popular cross-platform mastering app and that KClip (unlike his other plugins) is pretty useful for mastering, that it would be wise to test and support WaveLab and he seemed open to that idea.

It really is a super powerful mastering tool and there are plenty of seasoned mastering engineers looking for that magic clipping plugin. It’s funny, Stillwell’s Event Horizon is pretty good at that task but for some reason it won’t retain its settings when you save your chain as a preset. Major bummer as a mastering tool.

I feel your pain. I also tried the Stilwell Event Horizon awhile back but I remember it having some sort of issues. Stilwell said they’d look into it but I kind of forgot about it, and they probably did too.

Also, I tried the Joey Sturgis Tones JST Clip and it had the classic problem where it would be audible on playback, but not on rendering. I contacted their “support” where they more or less laughed at me for using WaveLab and said their WaveLab user base is so small they’re not concerned about it. I haven’t even bothered to install that on my newer OS. Those guys are kinda jerks anyways.

I basically try to avoid these super small one person developer plugin companies because they don’t have the time or resources to thoroughly test their plugins in more than Pro Tools, Logic, and Cubase for the most part. There are a few exceptions but I go into it expecting them to not work well or at all in WaveLab.

I heard great things about Kazrog so I tried it anyway as the plugin is very affordable. Hopefully he can get it up to par in WaveLab. From what I can tell, it sounds pretty good for that kind of thing.

For now, when I want to clip “in the box”, I still use the input side of Sonnox Inflator and turn on the “Clip 0dB” button. It may not have all the fancy bells and whistles of KClip but Sonnox plugins are pretty stable.

I’ll have to look into Inflator. Just trying to find something ITB that can get close to how my Burl B2 sounds!

I hear ya. I haven’t look a ton but Inflator seems to be the best option for WaveLab at this time when it comes to function/stability and hopefully in due time, KClip will work better in WaveLab.

I like Inflator, and I’m using it almost a year. I like their sound and it’s very stable, as the other Sonnox plugs…
I’m testing Kclip with Wavelab 9.025 right now, but there’s some crashes…

That sucks.

I submitted a ticket to Steinberg tech support. They said to post the issue here but as you can see nobody from their team has responded =/

Hi guys,

Shane here from Kazrog LLC. I just was pointed to this thread, and I wanted to take a moment to apologize for any confusion or frustration that I may have caused. In spite of anything I’ve said in the recent past, full compatibility with WaveLab is a top priority now. If I can’t sort things out from my end, I have a very good contact at Steinberg, and perhaps we can work together on a solution.

Sorry about this!

PS - I have been well aware of WaveLab as a major tool used in mastering studios, and have been testing in it since the very beginning. It can be a bit finicky with VSTs, though. :sunglasses:

Just wanted to quickly add that all WaveLab issues have been resolved in my latest internal build. Look for a fix to go live next week. Thanks for your patience with this!

KClip 2.0.2 has been uploaded as a public beta, but is stable and likely to be reclassified as a release build unless something unexpected is discovered. This update addresses Cubase and WaveLab issues, among other things.

More info and downloads here.

Thanks Shane. I’ve been avoiding using KClip on any serious sessions in WaveLab due to the questionable behavior but I look forward to potentially using it more starting with this latest build.

FYI, guys, the public beta has been reclassified as a stable release. It’s running well for everyone.

What’s more, I will ensure that thorough testing in WaveLab happens with every update from now on. Because WaveLab uses a tabbed interface and is so modular, it does place additional demands upon plugins. It’s really not the fault of WaveLab when things go wrong I’ve learned, but the fault of developers for not taking the time to introspect about the myriad use case implications of such a powerful tool.