WaveLab 9 Elements Trial (plug-ins)

hi, I’m testing the version, is interesting the possibilities we assist for audio in this reference, even limited having it for a lite version in more ambience for old hardware, it brings the eye to work’s with loops and tracks more attentiously anyway, without talk about the quality on the top of the level in floating point. The price compared to the profissional version is really annoying seeying that to the losse of features, but also great for a upgrade in the future on my laptop.

Anyway, The plug-ins I have to audio is not being detected for 32bits or 64bits in the same dll. - I’m using the trial, what this is supposed to be using the trial? Some settings has escaped maybe…

VST2, not VST3 being used, it seems for the daw as application, is using only vst3 packs.

VST2 plugins should work. Are you on Windows or Mac? Do the missing plugins appear in the Ignored Plugin list in the Wavelab Plugin Preferences? Can you try installing some other VST2 plugin using the default install path?

It’s windows, all checked! No meaning than administrator settings override by windows update.

What is one of the plugins you’re having problems with? Does it appear in the Ignored Plugins list? Can you try installing some other VST2 64bit plugin using it’s default install path?

No, I cannot do that, it are related to the registered installation already, it’s just the library related to the program, do you know what I mean?
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Oh you mean the Steinberg plugins are not 64 F in Elements, like they are in Pro?

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Steinberg is really kick ass on those 64bits plugins, but not in the law instead.
Maybe steinberg want’s to change instalations, changing even versions and sounds to select several folders to setup plugins. To install 2 time from where I knows is conflictant act on registering.

Maybe they are in the latest Elements version. I don’t have the latest Elements version.

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But I just checked the latest version of Elements and the plugins are 64 F. That’s in version 9.5.25. What version is the Trial version?

The last one downloaded… The plug-ins has checked my friend, but the tangibility not.

The trial is override, is ending, whatever, I will not purchase it now, principally for this working only on my Laptop, anyway is a great deal, the plugins from steinberg do the job!

Steinberg, Let it be, this is finished thread. You don’t need to alert about this anymore, if be, will be later… The topic not solved is the other…