Wavelab 9 Loudness Normalizer question

I’m using Wavelab 7, and am running the Loudness Normalizer plugin as a multi-pass in batch processes.

However, one thing I don’t like about the Loudness Normalizer is that when it works with stereo files, it processes the left and right channels independently and “fixes” any loudness difference that might exist between left & right, bringing each channel individually to the desired loudness point, thereby altering whatever loudness difference there was between L & R.

However, I need to retain any level differences that might exist between the L & R channels with the files I’m working with.

So I was wondering if the Loudness Normalizer plugin in Wavelab 9 keeps the loudness differences between L & R intact, and raises/lowers the loudness of the left and right channels as a whole instead of processing them individually?

In the Nuendo 9 manual, it doesn’t mention anything about L/R being processed separately, whereas the manual for 7 explicitly describes this the process, so I’m kind of hoping the latest version works the way I’d like it to!!


Does the meta-normalizer not do that in Wavelab 7?

Well, the way the Meta normalizer works is that it finds the highest loudness (or peak, whichever you choose) out of the batch, and then normalizes all the rest to that level. It equalizes the loudness to whatever happens to be the loudest file in the bunch, not to what you tell it to.

What I’m doing is trying to assign a particular loudness level to a batch of files. Can’t do that with Meta Normalizer.

Hey, if I had a couple of hundred bucks laying around, I’d just update to Wavelab 9 today and see for myself! But, just a wee bit short of cash these days, so I’d rather not shell out the $$$ if the tool can’t do what I want…

…oh, hang on. There’s a 30 day free trial for Wavelab 9! I’ll check it out…

OK, Wavelab 9 Loudness Normalizer DOES normalize the entire stereo file, not the individual channels. Cool!!

The first file was normalized in Wavelab 7 using Loudness normalizer, and the 2nd used Wavelab 9’s Loudness normalizer. Both were normalized to a target loudness of -23 db, but you can see each channel was normlaized in the first, while in the 2nd, the relationship between L & R levels was maintained.