Wavelab 9 update of Wavelab 8 license (Will 7 still work?)

All in the titile really. I have Wavelab 8.5 license on my dongle at this moment. (but actually use WL7 under that licence as I had no need to start using WL8+ because WL7 was working perfectly fine for what I need) I am migrating to a brand new DAW PC.

I have a purchased WL9 update ready to install. I am wondering if by replacing my WL8.5 licence (on the elicenser) with the WL9 licence if when I put my dongle into my old machine in the event of retrieving something or adjusting a WL7 project it will still work ok under the new WL9 licenced elicenser.

i.e. in short will WL7 boot ok on old PC with WL9 licence installed ? (of course assuming elicenser is plugged in)



Yes, WaveLab 7 will open with the WaveLab Pro 9 license. Make sure you are running the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center:

Thank you.

Many thanks Alex, have a nice weekend.

You as well! :slight_smile:

I am attempting to upgrade my license at this time and having a problem.

I attached my elicenser to the new machine. I performed maintenance using elicenser application.

On the right side under the selected elicenser I can see Wavelab 8.5 license in green.

I insert the activation code and then all my licenses have a greyed out red “No entry” sign superimposed over the top of them. At the bottom of the “Select license to upgrade” window I can just about make out…

Currently there is no license available which can be upgraded by your upgrade license. Please connect an USB e licenser which holds an approriate license to your computer

It saw the elicenser and Wavelab 8.5 licence before I input the upgrade activation code so now I am confused.
After I input the activation code it says “WaveLab Pro 9 - Steinberg, Upgrade for Wavelab , Upgrade for Wavelab8 (EducationL)”

I will hold off for now untilI get a response.


Please PM me the activation code (starts with 0240) as well as your USB eLicenser #.


Will do

eLicensor CC being used. Sorry I should have installed the latest, I assumed as I installed
Steinberg software recently a week ago… that it would not have updated and/or updated during “maintenance”

I will download and install it.

Edit: Installed and same thing.

I will update the info here as I need to direct a Steinberg emplyee to it.

Alex has said the reason for the problem is that I have an upgrade from WL8 to WL9 and not WL8.5 to WL9

However when I installed other Steiberg software a week ago, the eLicensor server automatically upgraded my WL8 license on the eLicenser to WL8.5

It seems there is a flaw there as if the eLicensor has the autonomy to update my licences on my USB eLicensor it means I have ended up with an invalid upgrade licence.

No eLicenser flaw–just a key that was eligible for a free grace period update to WaveLab 8.5. Hopefully all is resolved quickly. In the future you can verify grace period eligibility here:

Thanks for the quick assistance Alex I have made contact with the necessary Steinberg person and provided the info you originally requested.

Not quite an emergency but wanted to get a little advice.

On my old pc running WL7 I booted it the other day and it said “Remaining licence time 15mins” or words to that effect. A bit worrying. Anyway I though I should install the latest ELicenser control centre on this machine (old one) running Windows 7 32 bit Premium (This is exactly what it says under computer so I suspect SP1 is not installed)

Anyway when trying to install the “latest” (as in the one that was automatically downloaded for this machine) elicense control centre (thinking this might be part of the problem) I received a worrying message…

“VC Redistributable x86 failed error code :23”

When I tried booting elicenser I got…

“eLcc.exe prog cannot start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime -1-1-0,dll is missing.”

At this time my Nuendo4 and Wavelab 7 both boot and I have no issues with licensing.

So I think there was a licencing blip initially and probably acted a bit too soon to install the latest
elincenser cc.

I am not quite sure what to do for the best at the moment.

I do plan to migrate over to my new machine within some months but would still like this system working.

What would be the best plan of action? I imagine getting some input on those error messages would be useful initially.

Right now I am considering leaving “well” alone (as far as a failed ecc install can be called “well”). As in the apps boot and I should just leave it as is. Given this machine will within 1 year be decomissioned.