Wavelab & Algorithmix LPSplitComp

I have problems with my LP Split Comp plugin, a compressor plugin from Algorithmix.
I can monitor the settings but the rendered file does not include the results, it is the same as the unrendered file.
Does anyone else use this plugin and have the same problems or is it working with WL8 somewhere?
PG, do you have an idea?

This scenario typically means that the settings are not properly saved inside the plugin. They are not saved hance cannot be restored into the plugin instance that is used for rendering.
Did you have some success with this plugin in any past WaveLab version?

It did work in earlier versions, though I think not in WL7. I think it worked in WL6, but I don’t have it on my computer anymore, so I can’t test. I just did a test with WL7 and had the same problem as in WL8…

PG, do you see any possibilty to get this plugin working in WL8?

You should ask Algorithmix if they have an idea.
Do you use other Algorithmix plugins that work?

I nearly have the complete Algorithmix plugin arsenal plus the Renovator.
All other plugins work more or less: The K-stereo plugin (which also belongs to the “Chromium series”, like the LP SplitComp) works fine. The EQ’s (Red, Orange and Blue) and the ScratchFree plugin only work in Direct-X mode. The VST versions cause a crash of WL when I try to render, with the exception of NoiseFree which also works in VST mode. Renovator works ok.
I will try to get response from Algorithmix, which is not too easy, though…