WaveLab and 32Bit Plug-ins

Now that Cubase 9 has abolished all 32 bit plug-ins, will WaveLab follow the same practice in the next major release?

Yes, from WaveLab 9.5, only 64 bit plugins will be supported.
This is not tomorrow :wink:

The real question is, are there really still essential plugins out there that have not gone 64-bit?

I can only think of one plugin I used years ago that never went 64-bit and it was easily replaceable.

So I need to start building a 64 bit computer to run 9.5?

So I need to start building a 64 bit computer to run 9.5?

Are you sure you can’t already run 64 bit softwares on your OS?


I certainly can PG … I am looking for an “excuse” to build a new monster.

Does this also mean that WL 9.5 will no longer have a 32-bit version?


(I have a number of 32-bit-only plugins; but since I can’t use them in WaveLab because of channel number limitations, this change doesn’t really matter to me).

Yes. Only 64 bit version planned.

The bigger issue for me is opening older files from WL7 sessions. PSP MasterQ will never be 64 bit, but hundreds (maybe thousands) of my sessions have that plug in them, and I can’t even read the settings to manually poke into MasterQ2 (the 64-bit current updated version that isn’t settings compatible, nor never will be).

This is just one extreme example that pokes me in the butt all the time. There are some others too, but that’s where the trouble starts.

I hate things like J-bridge etc, but maybe that’s the solution? Is there a third party paid/pro 32-bit patcher out there?

The best solution for that is to keep WL7 installed with the 32-bit plugs you used. Depending on your OS ofcourse - better chance of success with Windows there. I still have an install of WL6 for stuff like this (on current Windows 10).

For similar reasons, in this case software control of old hardware (synths etc.), I keep an old Windows XP PC that will never see the internet anymore. Just because it was on there, this one still has WL4 on it :slight_smile:

I fair point for sure. I don’t know of a solution. Lucky for me I think WaveLab was 64-bit when I started with WaveLab 7 so most old sessions should be OK.

Given that other programs (such as Reaper) have bridging built right in, it might not be unreasonable to expect WaveLab to have it added when the 32-bit version is retired.