WaveLab Artist

To all of those who use Wavelab Elements and who would like to see an intermediate (more affordable) version of wavelab between the Elements version and the Pro version (The equivalent of Cubase Artist). Let it know here in order to be numerous enough to request it to Steinberg.Thank you

I personally think Elements is just way too limited and they should just remove a few limitations and bump the price up a small amount if needed. For what I do (even if you exclude analog I/O), WaveLab Elements is pretty far away from being usable.

At a similar price point, HOFA Pro is a better solution for mastering singles, EPs, and albums than Elements.

Hello, there used to be an intermediate version of Wavelab, a few years ago, but it was abandoned (can’t remember the name though). Recently there was a 40% discount on upgrading from Elements to Pro, I missed the chance.

There is an “LE” version which comes bundled with hardware (and sometimes on magazine covers), and even that I’ve found useful to have on a few non-audio computers just for the familiarity of the UI. Personally I think Elements is fantastic value, and I also have that on multiple machines (mainly because it can be used without a USB-eLicenser). I would wonder though what the audience is, because as say, a companion to Cubase Artist, there’s not much point because you can master and edit audio just as well there. So, to whom would a WaveLab Artist appeal?

Exporting multiple markers at once is not available in Elements. To have this option you have to switch to wavelab pro (400 euros the upgrade). An intermediate version will allow people who need a little more available functions in Elements and which do not necessarily need the full wavelab, or those who would like to upgrade to compensate for easier access to the pro version.

Agreed. I tried to sell a colleague on WaveLab using Elements, and it was pretty frustrating to not be able to do a lot of simple tasks.

I also installed Elements on my laptop (mostly to avoid having to avoid smashing my eLicenser while not at a desk) and gave up pretty quickly and went back to Pro.

Yes. The limitations of Elements are too extreme, and the need for the dongle for Pro in 2020 is unfortunate that impacts me personally less than others. For some it’s deal breaker for even using the app.

I’d love to have a dongle free version on my laptop that would allow me to at least open a project, make a few small tweaks, and render new files, but the rendering in Elements is insanely limited among other things.

I really only keep Elements on my laptop to quickly check out incoming files for mastering before getting them set up on my main system.

This is a useful discussion to have … perhaps if we list out what would need to be added to Elements for it to be a truly useful “non-pro” mastering environment, which would also not compete with WLPro for market share, it would be good information upon which Steinberg could base a decision.

Another vote for an intermediate version,
I also have elements on a laptop to check files at home ,but it is frustrating to do simple things ,there are workarounds but the idea is too save time and I do not want to risk losing /breaking the dongle by using the full version on the move.

-more Recording options like Multi-track recording
-more Marker toolset like multi markers export
-more Editing toolset/time stretch algo for example
-full Project Manager
-more Audio Analysis tools
-All cubase plugins integration for cubase owners,at least for cubase pro’s owners
-Rendering of multiple files incl. naming scheme