WaveLab Audio Routing/Workflow Issue

Hello everyone,

I currently use one reference track and one audio track while mastering in WaveLab. The original audio files are placed on the reference track. On that track I insert the ‘external fx’ plugin to pass the signal through my Manley Backbone and other analog gear. I would then like to directly print the returning signal on the audio track with a limiter plugin placed after the external fx, however I’ve only been able to print the backbone without the limiter plugin. Is it possible to configure the system to print the final signal with the limiter ? I have a Lynx AES16E connected to a Crane Song HEED192 converter and a Avocet.

Thank you for your help!

I think what you’re looking for would be Input FX which WaveLab doesn’t have. I do recall somebody posting on here that found some kind of unexpected workaround for that, but I don’t recall how to do it.

If you place a song on a Reference Track, you do not need to use the External FX plugin at all. You can simply route the output of a Reference Track to one or more stereo outputs. I do this to feed more than one DAC at a time, and I choose on my mastering console which DAC is best to feed the gear. You could also make a mult copy and send that elsewhere to A/B before and after analog processing.

Anyway, I think it’s a valid feature request to have Input FX but at the same time, I would not want to capture audio with the limiter committed. I really enjoy capturing back to digital on a montage track without any digital limiting.

This leaves room for additional small tweaks, and easy ability to make a vinyl friendly cutting master, as opposed to being locked in to something that is already digitally limited with no easy way to undo it, or fine tune it.


Toader post on Jun 29 ?