Wavelab Batch processing wirh Krotos Dehumaniser

Hello! I am still learning how to to properly use the batch processing in Wavelab. I realised that the Dehumaniser Plugin from Krotos does not work with it and I assume the reason for that is the fact that the plugin in wrapping up several different effects within its engine. So, is there any way to use these kind of more complex external plugins or only simple one shot ones?
Thanks in advance!

Well, if the Dehumaniser Plugin does not work, this should mean it does not follow the VST-3 specification at some point.
What is not working exactly?

Hey :slight_smile: It is simply not processed at all :slight_smile: I just wondered, because Krotos is saying, that it supports VST3 and in addition to that, I read in this forum that the batch processing supports VST2 and VST3.

Saying they support VST3 and actually testing it in all DAWs (or just the main ones) is a different story. There are a number of plugins that follow VST3 spec close enough to work in some DAWs but not all.

99% of the time, a plugin processing issue needs to be fixed by the plugin developer.

You should tell them to test with WaveLab. They can get support from Steinberg is necessary, they just have to ask.

I will! Thank you for the help and ideas!