Wavelab Batch renaming


I got the following problem with Wavelab Batch renaming I just can’t find a solution to.

I want to rename a batch of files with this structure:
“1975 strings 5_A#0_114.wav”
To this:

I have done it by clicking “Only Rename Files with This Extension” - wav.
And in Renaming Operation given this 2 orders:
Remove-Specific Characters “1975 strings 5”
Insert - Specific Text “P001”

But when I see the preview in Wavelab it is also changing the names after “1975 strings 5”.
I attach a screen dump that shows how it changing.

My question is: Do any of you knows how to prevent Wavelab for changing anything expect for switching: “1975 strings 5” to “P001”.

The issue may be with the # character … perhaps see if it work correctly if that character is removed from the file name.

You’re removing specific characters, like 9 and 7 and 5 and 1 throughout the file name. I don’t remember how I’ve gotten around this in the past and made it just remove the phrase, but I’ll take a look. Or maybe someone else knows.

Look in this direction:

Thank you so much for your help. PG you suggestions solved the problem :slight_smile:

Best, Jack