WaveLab Cast crashing

Hi guys! My name is David, I recently bought WaveLab Cast, but is unable to select the audio device for output, when I try to set my output device, simply the WaveLab crashes.
My troubleshooting:

  • Windows updated and restarted - Windows 10 Pro Version 20H2 OS Build 1904.867
  • Uninstalled the Generic ASIO driver

Any idea? I’m very disappointed
Thank you in advance.

What is your audio device?

Thanks Paul, the WaveLab is not showing any device, the default output is a Realtek card, however I have the Zoom H6 and Zoom PodTrak P8, in other words I can’t select any device. As you can see, in the screenshot the Audio Device field is empty. I’m finding logs to see the error and I found:

WaveLabCast.exe.6604.dmp and many dump files
Report.wer files with this data:

FriendlyEventName=Stopped working
AppPath=C:\Program Files\Steinberg\WaveLab Cast\WaveLabCast.exe

I have also uninstalled the ASIO and multitrack drivers for the Zoom H6 but the problem remains =(

I have already solved the problem, uninstalled everything I had from Steinberg and reinstalled. :smiley: