Wavelab Cast : DeNoiser : Learn option for room noise?

My Yeti microphone is recording the fan noise of my eGPU (try many hardware setup)
And the Wavelab Cast DeNoiser didn’t remove the noise until 50% but that also kill the audio quality.

Is there an option in Wavelab Cast, to learn the ambiant noise like it is in the documenation of wavelab element. Or any other workaround ?

I use WaveLab Cast, but I’ve never used the integrated denoiser, which I assume isn’t that terrific. Don’t know if WL Cast supports VST2 or not, but you might want to try the ReaPlugs denoiser (Reaper DAW site) which is free and not bad.

Hum, the point of WaveLab Cast is to avoid too many tools. I can also use a denoise filter from Audacity but this is strange I just can’t learn and remove the ambiant room sound.

Well, it’s up to to you, of course…