Wavelab Cast does not recognize my headphones

When I use Wavelab cast to listen to my file, the sound is always coming out of the laptop, and it does not recognize the headphones, event when I restart. I tried to switch it under “Preferences” but only the laptop speakers are available as options.
Any help please ?
Thank you.


Windows or OS X ?
maybe check under Audio Device in control panel for OS
to see if you can change there.

regards S-EH

Usually, the headphones just mute the laptop speakers when the headphones are plugged into the laptop audio jack. I don’t know why you’d have to make any adjustments inside WLC itself. Are you sure you are using the right jack or that the headphones are completely plugged in?

Hi, yes I’m sure it is plugged correctly because if I open other audio files without using Wavelab, I do have the sound from the headphones, I only have the issue with Wavelab Cast…

Hi, thank you for your answer, I’m using Windows. I saw in other forums some people had the same issue, but there were no answers yet.

Well, since WLC only uses ASIO, maybe it’s some kind of routing issue – I don’t know. I know that I’ve had problems with the generic Steinberg ASIO driver.

(This is, BTW, why I think WLC should include native Windows audio as a routing option. I like to know I have a backup when I suspect ASIO isn’t working the way it should.)

Thank you, this helped me find the solution. Actually I needed to go under Preferences / Audio and then “Control panel”, and there I found the headphones and they wee not selected. In the beginning I looked only directly under Preferences / audio, without opening the “control panel” button. Thank you.

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So I guess these were USB headphones, then. Sorry I hadn’t considered that possibility.