WaveLab Cast: Editing multiple tracks at the same time


How can I split multiple tracks in the Audio Montage window at the same time?
I have two tracks for a podcast, host and guest. Now I’d like to cut sections like "uhm"s and "ah"s etc. from one track, but have the other track affected as well so they stay in sync.


In WaveLab Cast, if you need to work on multiple tracks, I recommend inserting markers where you would like to split. Then you can move/snap the edit cursor there, and split. You have to do that for each clip.
In WaveLab Elements/Pro, multi-track editing would be easier.

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That’s a lot more cumbersome than I was hoping for. I got WaveLab as a step up from Audacity, but that is a big step backwards.

Anyway, thank you for your help!