I record a radio show but I am having problems.
On my music track I insert audio then speech on another track etc. On occasion I need to move the clips around but if I do this it moves everything else after. EG if I edit and move song 1 it moves song 2,3 etc as well. Is there something I am missing as I only want to edit and move the song 1 clip?

Any help would be appreciated. Regards Peter

I have Wavelab Cast, but, after trudging through the manual, I gave up trying to figure how to do multitrack projects on it. If all I want to do is position files in discrete tracks, and maybe render the tracks to a single stereo file, I use a (another company’s) DAW. It’s just a matter of clicking and dragging selected clips; nothing to figure out.

Use the latest update of Cast and this option:

HI PG thanks for the info. This is not showing on my version although I only purchased several months ago. I have trolled around Steinberg but cannot find how to obtain updates?

Can you help?

Regards, Peter

Download the Steinberg download assistant

And choose this:

Thanks PG that’s done the trick.

Thanks for taking the time to help me.

Regards, Peter