Wavelab Cast License

How is licensing handled with Cast?

The reason I’m asking is that we are putting together a group of volunteers to process audio for sermons and we may be rotating from week to week. Is there a way to not hand a dongle off to the next person? Or is it that we’ll need a licensed copy for anyone that might participate?

If it’s like any other Steinberg title, there are 2 ways:

  1. A soft E-license, installed and part of a computer/laptop. This would have you hand over the laptop to the next person. Or buy multiple licenses ofcourse.
  2. A license that resides on a USB-key (dongle). This would have you hand over the USB-key to the next person. (It also would make your ‘work’ computer flexible within your house - you could do jobs on multiple computers ofcourse).

Things are looking to change though, and the fisrt sign is that the Steinberg download assistent now connects to your Steinberg account. Not sure if there is more in the pipeline about licensing itself though…

There was a hint of ‘dongle-less’ licensing mentioned earlier this year - just after I bought a replacement dongle for my Cubase setup. Handing off anything in a large environment like a church or school is often problematic. It would be nice to figure out something else…