WaveLab Cast - more detailed information. Where to find?

I am looking for the supported file types for instance and other, list-like information about WaveLab Cast functionality and features. Thanks

Would be nice.
I looked for a table showing a detailed comparison of Cast to the other versions of WaveLab, and I couldn’t find one.

Yeah, it is weird that they do not provide these details. I was thinking to purchase WL cast since I have only WaveLab 7 (not Pro) and there is an issue with it under Windows 10 already (Loopback recording does not work with my RME UC, Silence Detection messes up the GUI etc.).
I was hoping with a simple audio editor + few more web&publish features (supporting M4A files too) Wavelab Case would be a good choice. But with the lack of information I am not really sure.
Also I am unsure about the Video support / editing features. Maybe I will better go for the update of my Video Editing software (Vegas) or any of the free editors…

I have Cast, but I don’t do video, so I couldn’t help you regarding video support features.

“Interesting”, that Steinberg refuses to shade more light on their new product. Seems like they are rather uninterested in gaining more sales.
It’s comparable with their hardware, that’s why I will never purchase any other product made by Steinberg.

Lol…it sounds to me like you had no intention of buying Cast anyway.