WaveLab Cast needs concise scenario based tutorials

So, I purchased WL Cast as I had 2 LE licenses, I had already upgraded to Elements and used the 2nd license to upgrade to Cast so I got it for a little over $17. I followed along with the YouTube video tutorial from WL: How to Improve The Sound of Your Videos with WaveLab Cast and quickly ran into some issues. The skinny: there needs to be some concise step by step written instructions based on scenarios. The video is a good introduction in what to do, but now we need to how.

Here are the problems I ran into:
So many steps missing in this video - for instance:

  1. How to set up your montage so it looks just like his.
  2. What if your video has the audio on a mono track, how do you make the audio a stereo track that plays in the R & L channels?
  3. How do you make sure the ducking keeps the music under the VO: e.g. I followed along with a video I made from a webcam and I tried the ducking, the audio ducked for a second then played on top of the VO instead of under. Every pause the narrator took the music went up quite loudly.
  4. I also use the track inspector to make the same adjustments to the track he was making and NOTHING, I could not hear any differences. When I did the reverb it was like nothing was happening. I could not hear any differences to the track like he does. When I click off the track and then click back on the track, all of the settings I did on the VO track disappears, it doesn’t keep the settings.
  5. I have an extremely fat music track and my VO is very low. I need to boost the audio of the VO and bring the music way down.

WaveLab Cast has potential, but needs decent instructional material - written and/or video:
If you need someone to help you with writing them I have a Masters in Education and over 25 years experience working for multi-national companies managing the creation of training materials for a global audience. I can work with your teams to create some clear concise written tutorials that will result in a decrease in customer service tickets and an increase in customer satisfaction.

If the goal is to convert WaveLab Cast owners into WaveLab Pro owners that goal may fail without some deeper dive instructions.

Hi - golden opportunity here, for you to demo some of those personal skills perhaps…?

At point 3, could you produce some clear, concise set of ‘steps to reproduce’ (maybe, in the form of your idea of an adequate mock tutorial.?), as you attempted that ducking technique described in the video.? Include any other efforts tried, etc…

Yes, it might be that you’ve uncovered an actual bug. So, even more important, that others can follow YOUR exact steps taken. Besides, someone might spot where you (may) have gone wrong and even offer a quick solution.

I don’t have Wavelab Cast, so can’t comment directly, sorry.

Hi Puma, there is a trail version available now.
I was thinking about doing a recording of the steps I am taking. If it is a bug and not user error, I hope it is fixed soon. Thanks

BTW - I really do need assistance, I’m not on here trying to sell my skills. I’m trying to record VOs for videos and am planning to record podcasts and need some help. All of the training out there from Steinberg certified centers/instructors are for Pro.
There needs to be dedicated training specifically for Elements and Cast. Perhaps the WaveLab team can reach out to your online training partners to create some deep dive scenario based training.

Absolutely; if its still proving to be a hurdle, you should do exactly this. Its often the way to swifter, specific help.

So far, it doesn’t appear that any actual bug has been found here - though we can’t know what’s been sent ‘behind the scenes’ to Support directly of course…

As to more training/help, I’m sure it will come. Look out on Steinberg’s social media channels, for any such 3rd party training/tutorial course announcements.