Wavelab CD master export

Yes … still using WL 6… sorry

But … I have a montage that I have edited… and now need to send away to the replicator for manufacture.

I cant see a way of doing a DPP or any other way of doing in WL6…

Have I missed something here … or is there a way to do it ?

Thanks in avance

The way to do it in Wavelab 6 was with the Cube-Tec DDP add-on.

I doubt they sell it anymore and it was quite expensive (>$1000 ?). It also required a separate dongle.

It would be much cheaper to buy the Wavelab 9 Pro upgrade from Wavelab 6. That would give you built in DDP and a lot more.

The cheapest option is to render WAV/CUE or burn a CD in Wavelab 6 and find a program to make DDP from that. But I don’t think it’s worth the hassle when you can get an upgrade to WL9 for a reasonable price.

Hi there and thank you for the quick reply.

I have been holding off on the upgrade…I really didnt like version 8…so just stuck with 6. The extra problem of having two licenced copies of 6 to upgrade didnt help.

I have downloaded 9pro for a look…veeeerrryyy different to 6 and need to see what I end up missing…and what I would gain…guess atleast DPP…but $700 plus is still a lot
Thanks again…



I don’t think you’d find anything missing. And a lot added. I think video was dropped but that’s all I can think of.
The upgrade price I saw on the link in my post was $250. x 2 for two copies $500.

Or like I said you can render WAV/CUE image in WL6, from which you can make the DDP in Sonoris and probably Hofa. Or I think there’s even a free command line DDP converter if you do a Google search for CUE to DDP, but I have no idea how reliable something like that would be for plant acceptance. But it might be fine. I would do some checking first.


Version up from WL6 is $373 a copy here in Aus … oh well