Wavelab crashed on saving files with markers

Finally, after so many attempts, I was able to hunt down the cause of wavelab freezing when saving a file. It seems to be connected with the way markers are being saved.

To reproduce the error:

1.) The file has over 2 GB.
2.) It has many markers, in my case, it has over 300 markers.
3.) Go to FILE, Preferences, Audio Files and check these three options together:

  • Write Markers in Wav File header (RIFF format)
  • Write Markers in Wav FIle header (BWF Format)
  • Write Markers in Separate file
    All these three options must be checked!
    4.) Save the file. It looks OK.
    5.) Do some more editing in the file, like adding few more markers or so.
    6.) Save the file again.

Wavelab Freezes at this point.
The file remains locked on the HDD and cannot be deleted by normal means. I use Lock Hunter program to get rid of the file.

I hope that the error can be reproduced, hence allowing for the file saving bug removal.

If some of the options above is not checked, the file is save OK. It is only when all three simultaneously are checked.

Thanks for the accurate report, however I still can’t reproduce. I tried with a 5 GB file and +300 markers.
One question: do you have the option RF64 activated in the WaveLab preferences? You should do that when you work with big files.

Yes, the RF64 option is (and was) active. Well, I will try again and again, hopefully finding out, what it is one day.

So if you turn off any one of the 3, it doesn’t happen?

Yes, if anyone of them is off, saving was OK.
However, today, I reinstalled windows 10 on my computer. I installed English version of the system! And, suddenly, there is no saving bug.

So, although I am not sure, there might be some incompatibility between Wavelab and the Czech Windows 10 which I was using before. However, it is gone from my computer, so, I cannot make any further investigations. I will never return to Czech Windows again, as it was stressed so many times, use only the English version of the system for serious audio work. I ignored this warning up to now, but there may be good reasons not to.

So, now Wavelab was running OK on the English Windows 10.