Wavelab crashed when opening Ambisonics wave files

Wavelab 10 all versions and updates same with Wavelab 9.5 will crash when opening 1st Order Ambisonics (quad) wave file. The Ambisonics files have been made using Nuendo/Cubase and open fine in Soundforge and Wavosurour.

I can not believe Ambisonics file have not been test… this is quite crazy, extremely disappointed… :blush:

any help would be appreciated but as is I will be working in Soundforge…

WaveLab is a stereo file editor and you can’t open multi channel files.
Except 5.1 files that can be imported in the audio montage.
The batch processor can process multi channels files, though.

You are joking right? even Wavosoras opens and edits these files…
OK you tell me how to open ambisonic files and place loop markers in a montage.
The software is called Wavelab… and you telling me it is ok for it to crash when opening wave files exported by Nuendo/Cubase…?

You mean you bought it based on the name alone?
To import into a montage, you create a multichannel montage and then select Import > Surround Audio File. WL Manual p.240.

I work mainly in first-order Ambisonics, and have done for fourteen years. I’ve simply got used to working with four mono files in a montage with inappropriate channel names… When my editing is complete, the montage can write out multi-channel B-format (or quad) files as desired - but can’t read them in again! Some other things I cannot do in WaveLab, and some I’d expect to work don’t at present.

However, it has been stated pretty officially that work on supporting multi-channel files is under way. I guess it has been harder work to re-engineer the core of WaveLab for this than had been hoped, as we had been led to expect that version 10 would introduce multichannel handling. This didn’t happen, sadly, and there’s no indication how close it really is - it could be in a 10.1, version, or 10.5, or not until 11. I seem to recall that the montage was introduced at a point release rather than a major one, so who knows?

But yes, WaveLab is now the only program in those I use which still has this restriction. SpectraLayers now has multichannel handling, and most recently iZotope RX got there (though annoyingly restricted to “traditional” surround layouts). So the pressure’s on, and I really hope that WaveLab will get there soon.


Thanks Paul, well it is unbelievable that an ambisonic wave file crashes wevelab, a file that a free audio editor will open and edit…
So I do wonder what audio editor Nuendo/Cubase (Steinberg) recommends/supports for all the ambisonic wave file formats they export…

Been with wavelab for over 20 years Cubase (Nuendo) even longer (Atari ST)… but as I do a lot of surround and VR work, Soundforge will have to be my main editor from now on. I have a long history with Magix so it’s quite good they added Soundforge to their arsenal… maybe I even go back to Sequoia.

On a related topic, Paul how do you put loop markers into a ambisonics file using 4 mono files?

I don’t do loops in ambisonic files; my usage is mostly straight editing of classical concerts. But I have been considering an application that needs them, in which case I would probably use Adobe Audition (I have the last fully-owned version).

I suspect that is a bug introduced in changes made in preparation for actually handling such multi-channel files. It didn’t crash in the past.


Well it crashes in version 8, 9.0 and 9.5 so no sure about “didn’t crash”… sometimes wavelab just sits trying to load the file and then crashes…:thinking:
I do hope they fix this soon. As is wavelab crashes loading cubase/nuendo exported (ambisonics) wave files… not sure what the steinberg beta testing team is doing, but this would be one essential testing area. Considering this has been ignored for about 2 years… I have little hope, but steinberg as a whole has drooped so many balls… I am not sure it can ever recover.

Is there any point of actually login a bug (report) for a bug that has existed for so many years… clearly they know that ambisonics wave files exported from Nuendo/Cubase crash wavelab…

It should simply not crash. In the file browser when doing “preview” 5.1 wav files crash WL10 as well. But not WL9.5. Disappointing indeed.

Most everyone knows that WL is a two track editor. Yes you can work on multichannel files in Montage but not in the edit window. PG said that WL 10 would be able to work with multichannel files but… no luck so far. Not sure where it is in development but lots of people seem to want it. I believe people have been asking for this function for at least 10 years and maybe longer. Maybe PG will chime in and tell you when it will be available. I think parts of WL 10 had to be completely rewritten for this to happen but so far nothing has been announced. I use WL as a two track editor for mastering and for restoration work that I do. I do not use, no want to use, WL for multi-track work since there are so many “other” multichannel editors in the market place. FWIW


Yes there are many more editors but not as good as WaveLab
in my personal view, so I think most mastering people like
to have the possibility to work with audio in multi track format too…

regards S-EH

Using the WL eval right now, I have ambisonics files created by a MixPre 10, basically just 4 channel wave. Yes, it crashes. Unfortunate that it doesn’t really support multichannel as its such a nice application otherwise, but particularly unfortunate that it can’t even just give you a error and instead gives a crash.

I think with 10.0.60 you won’t get a crash, at least.