Wavelab crashing when rendering (sometimes when bouncing)

My Wavelab is crashing from time to time when I’m trying to render, it’s very random… and usually, a restart gets it working again, but it feels like Russian roulette for now. The same goes when bouncing.
I’ve attached the crash log, if you mind having a look and tell me if you see what can cause these issues…
WaveLab Pro 11-2023-02-03-102951.ips (57.1 KB)
WaveLab Pro 11-2023-02-03-124109.ips (60.5 KB)


Is anything special in this montage? What does it contain? What plugins?

So it contains 2 reference tracks, 2 audio tracks (getting audio signal back from analog).
In terms of plugins:
Ghz Good Dither
TDR Limiter 6
Fabfilter Pro-Q 3
Fabfilter Pro-L
Izotope Maximizer

All these plugin on ‘Output’

That’s all.

It is not possible to record both from the Master Section and from a Montage Track.